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I was first diagnosed with cancer – a Ewing’s sarcoma in my ribs - when I was 16 years old. When I was 24 I had cancer again - a result of radiation treatment I had at 16 – because of which I needed a single mastectomy.
Both times, I was lucky to have such a strong and large support base with my friends and family while I battled the disease. I’ve since found out this group desperately wanted to help, but didn’t know how.

As I’m sure a lot of cancer patients and survivors will be familiar, I was inundated with gifts. Although the thought was overwhelmingly appreciated, I learned first-hand the usual things you’d get someone who was sick don’t suit. The smell of flowers was so strong it physically made me sick. Chocolates delivered were either thrown out or enjoyed by others - I couldn’t even drink water, let alone eat. ‘Chemo brain’ made it impossible to concentrate on any of the games I was sent.

This part of my experience has been on my mind ever since, and it’s driven me to create something that I believe will better help both patients on their cancer, radiation and/or chemotherapy journeys, as well as their family and friends to meaningfully help: Battle Box.